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The container fumigation procedure aims to prevent the entry of exotic quarantine pests into the cargo’s country of destination. In this procedure, special products are used to eradicate or control the international spread of pests that already exist in the cargo’s origin, as well as those originating from other countries.

Quarantine pests are any form of pest or parasite that, in natural conditions, carry with them the power to cause damage to the flora and fauna of a certain locality. When exposed to a new environment, these pests can be a major threat to international health.
There are several types of quarantine pests, but no species is as trivial as the Asian Lady Beetle. This beetle is commonly found in containers and wooden materials used for the accommodation of the loads. For this reason, it sets at the top of the list of the most fought quarantine pests worldwide.

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Containers Fumigation

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Fumigation is a type of pest control by which the disinfection procedure takes place in a dry way. This method, also known as a phytosanitary treatment, is widely used nowadays and increasingly common in different market segments (especially when it comes to transporting goods through containers). Apart from its pest control purpose, the container fumigation procedure is also required by national and international laws that regulate the transit of goods.

Therefore, this procedure is an essential step for freight forwarders to consider before the shipment of any kind of goods, with emphasis on grains, vegetables, and wood materials/pallets. After all, container fumigation is the most effective way to ensure that the cargo and its packaging won’t contain any quarantine pest that may endanger the country of destination.

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