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DPC provides domestic pest control services and is the name you can trust and deal with any kind of pest problems with in your area.

Why fumigate? Fumigation is the process of releasing toxic gases (pesticides) into a cargo hold or compartment for the purpose of eliminating or avoiding infestation by insects or other pests that may cause the cargo to deteriorate. Fumigation may take place either prior to and/or after loading of the cargo.In-transit fumigation is preferred by shippers and charterers because it reduces time in port.

The most widely used fumigants are phosphine-evolving gases (hydrogen phosphine) such as aluminum phosphide, magnesium phosphide, gastoxin or magtoxin. These fumigants come in solid form, i.e., pellets, and are usually placed on the surface of the stow or inserted just beneath it. Methyl bromide is applied in gaseous form from cylinders which connect to the holds via specially provided pipework. Methyl bromide fumigation is not allowed in-transit and requires the crew to be disembarked whilst it is carried out.

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Many agricultural products shipped in bulk, such as grains, seed cakes and logs, may have insects living on or
within the cargo and may also have larvae or eggs present. In order to prevent the spread of insects and
pests within cargoes, fumigation may be carried out.

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