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DPC’s termite treatment services are among the best in the pest control business and that’s why it’s a bestseller in Djibouti’s markets. Termite colonies get washed away due to the Drill-Fill-Seal technique of termite control which has turned out to be fool-proof so far. If you have a termite infestation at home, don’t waste too much time before you call for termite pest control as the damages caused by these insects are very expensive to repair. Instead, call DPC and have our technicians inspect your homes for white ants and termites. We drill holes in 45-degree angles, fill them up with TERMIN-8 solution and then seal these holes with white cement, thus leaving no chance for existing termites to survive, while also repelling new ones.

For such wee little creatures, termites are a terrible threat to our homes and valuables. These scary little termite armies are a mighty force of nature, as relentless as an ocean current. DIY methods won’t work against them, so termite pest control is the best option.

Champion eaters, they chomp their way through wooden doors, windows, furniture, newspapers, books, clothes and art or wooden antiques in their quest for cellulose.
These home invaders play an important part in nature: they quickly eat and digest wood, dead trees and vegetation in the forests.
But when their insatiable hunger drives them to eat all the cellulose in your home, it is beyond scary. Unlike us, they work 24/7, eating, eating, eating! Ask DPC for a thorough termite treatment service!

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Termites are such destructive pests that you want your termite treatment to result in termite extermination. These are many termite control companies, but only DPC uses best-in-class chemicals: DPC’S TERMIN-8 is a non-repellent chemical that completely kill even the last termite present.

Local pest control services use cheap chemicals that only repel termites, causing them to spread further and cause extensive damage to your property. Our trained technicians after a thorough examination will drill 450 holes at exactly 1-foot gaps, across all edges touching the floor. These are filled with TERMIN-8 and sealed with chalk and white cement.

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